1200 calorie diet

If you want to find diet plan,there has been a popular interest on diet plans,
1200 calorie diet plan,being advised as the lowest you should go

Before you buy the lastest 1200 calorie diet recipe for your weight loss
plan.We have an example of this kind of diet plan.Losing weight is for health
reasons and benefits,the one you should never forget that,your health while
on a diet should not be neglected.

1200 calorie diet is the lowest calorie intake you should have ( for woman
1500-1600 calorie for man),to not slow your metabolism.Most woman need at least this number of calorie for adequate even when at rest,keeping your heart,your lungs working so youcan breath.All the processes are escential for your body or life.Your metabolism will slow down if you fail to provide needed calories.

To avoid that,we will want to know the rate at which our body burns calories even when at rest.We call BMR ( Basal Metabolic Rate ).BMR can vary widely.BMR usually is less than 1200 calories per day but for many women,

it is more than 1200 calories.When you exercise,you need for extra calories.Remember to Provide enough calories to cover your exercise cost and BMR.Because it could actually lower your metabolism more than
might occur simply by not eating enough to meet your BMR needs without exercise.

* BMR = Basal Metabolic Rate
* RMR = Resting Metabolic Rate

BMR is similar though not exactly the same as RMR.They are often used interchangeably

Each woman has different BMR.So we need to detemine BMR as accurately as possible and this value will be starting point.A lower calorie diet with fewer than this value is not good for health.It will lower your metabolic rate if a calorie intake less than your BMR (usually 1200 calorie).To avoid metabolic slowdown between your diet,every third day,you should raise your calorie intake(200-300 calories more than your BMR).You will not starving and food is available.Help you not to have a metabolic slowdown and have a small break from the low calorie diet as well.

you can increase basal metabolic rate with regular exercise, expecially training or weight lifting.Other reason is more physically fit,  tone and shape body as you lose weight.Also you get to eat more food.

Now we have
- a basic 1200 calorie healthy diet plan.

- how to determine your BMR

- keep track for your daily calorie intake

3  major problems for low calorie diet  ,such as 1200 calorie diet

-your body go into “straving mode”.It will slow down your metabolism,
harder to long term lose weight and harder to keep that weight from coming back on.

- the montony of keeping track of all food you eat, is difficult to follow

- you will likely just gain your weight  all right back as soon as you stop   diet.Because  you don’t know how to eat.You only know how to starve yourself

The Day Off  Diet

- to keep your body from going into starvation mode.Every 7th day ( or 3rd day) is not great way of satisfying your cravings and a great phychological motivational tool,it’s also essential  to boosting your body  metabolism

- we do not have to keep track of what we eat

- teach you to learn what foods are good for long term and improve your eating habit.

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